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Why Choose Animal Stars

We Are Specialists - We think a strong understanding of animal behaviour, animal body language, and how to get the best out of your pet – in other words, being ‘Pet Savvy’ – is just as important as being a great photographer!  Animal Stars specialises exclusively in Animal Art Photography. We don’t photograph weddings, babies, landscapes or provide general corporate photography, we just photo­graph pets and capture the bond between pets and their people!  Naturally, a lifetime of pet ownership with our own ‘tribe’ of cats and dogs, as a constant source of inspiration, always helps. We think this places our company in a unique position to ensure we create beautiful images of your pets capturing their personality and story – every time!


Many Delighted and Satisfied Clients - Our reput tion is built on satisfying customers, their referrals have been our greatest compliment!  But don’t just take our word for it, check out some of their comments here.


Feel Welcome and Relaxed - We are committed to making sure you and your pet’s experience with us is the most comfortable, fun and enjoyable ever!


Studio Session Times to Suit You - We are open when you want us to be. Being mainly studio based, we are not restricted by weather or certain times of day for ‘best light’.


A Wide Range of Products - We cater for our clients needs with a wide and effective range of products and image display ideas


What Does This All Mean to You?

•what you see is what you get: you won’t be stung by hidden costs or unethical work practices

•all work we under take for you is of an exceptionally high standard

•we will always act with honesty and integrity

•we are active in, and recognised by, the professional photography industry

•we adhere at all times to a strict code of conduct and code of ethics.



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