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The Short Version


Choosing to have your dogs and cats portrait professionally taken is an investment in the short time you get to spend with them. The portraits become more valuable as time passes. Animal Stars specializes in unique and contemporary portraits of dogs, cats, and numerous house pets. We capture and deliver memories that will last a lifetime. Custom, in studio or on-location portrait sessions in and around the Bay Area start at $350.


The Long Version


Many have asked: why pets?  Dogs and cats are our passion, whether it’s training, behavior, health and nutrition, or simply enjoying their company.  But when it comes to photography, we love the challenge of working with pets as subjects ... capturing their natural moments, the reality of their life.


Thus the birth of Animal Stars. We are a group of photographers and artists who love and cherish animals. When we began to photograph pets and their owners, we had been changed by the animals who had come into our lives. Time and again, we have witnessed the healing power of the bonds between animals and their humans. Our goal at Animal Stars is to witness and illuminate the love you feel with your special friend.


WIth our team of professional animal photographers, we strive to capture your pet's essence, their spirit and character. We want to give you  photographic memories -- natural images of your dog and cats being themselves -- to cherish for years to come.


We believe every pet owner should have at least one soulful, professional portrait of their pet to cherish forever. We would be honored to help you capture the magic and the special memories. Give a woof, meow, or hello today! To schedule a session please click on Make Appointment, and fill out the necessary information and hit submit. We would love to talk to you!