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“My experience with Animal Stars was brilliant from start to finish. My family thought it was a little strange to be booking Ollie and Matilda a “Photo Session” as its not something that they would have really associated with them, but from the moment I booked I knew that we were in safe hands, both with Tim running thru the process of what would happen and the packages you can get and with Darryl so calm taking photos of our lovely if not crazy Ollie and our beloved bearded lady Matilda. My family really adore the photos taken of our beautiful girls and know that I would recommend getting them done for pet lovers alike. I really cannot express how great this experience for us was and how genuine both Tim and Darryl are with their passion for the animal’s and how they bring that out in their photography. I will definitely use Zoo Studio in the future and I recommend them to everyone!”


-Jenny with Ollie and Matilda - October 2011


"Darryl and Timothy had so many creative ideas and such a clean, easy to use website. It's always a pleasure to work with them. Their photos truly capture the spirit of the animals they work with. And last but certainly not least, their generously supports animal charities through their creative work."


-Julie + Clifford, Walnut Creek Bay Area


"I worked with the team at Animal Stars for about a year as a volunteer with the Humane Society for our Pet of the Week adoption program. They are totally are their work! There is no animal they can't make comfortable and no floor they isn't willing to roll around on to get the best possible shot. Believe me...this crew know their stuff. It was an absolute pleasure to work for someone who loves animals, people and their work as much as the Animal Stars team."


-Jeff | Volunteer,  Humane Society


"Timothy does what all of us wish we could do -- captures the dog's true personality in print. He captured the goofy, playful nature of Scout, my boxer, and the sweetness of Ziggy, my schnoodle...two pictures I will treasure forever."


- Sammy Jeeter | Editor, CityDog Magazine


"Tim and Darryl are wonderful photographers. Yes, there are LOTS of wonderful photographers in the world, but they are wonderful DOG photographers. My young border collie is very afraid of cameras, but Darryl and Tim was able to calm her down and capture some of her cutest poses on film. The pictures were worth every bit of what I paid for them. I felt that they were genuinely interested in my dog's personality and how that could best be portrayed in her photos. Take your dog to Animal Stars pet photography!"


-Vickie + Sylvie


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