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How to Prepare for the Photo Session

Booking in Your Photography Shoot

When you make your booking, please consider that we are generally booked at least 2–3 weeks in advance, sometimes longer for weekends. A $150 deposit is required to secure your date. While this deposit is not refundable, we will happily re-schedule your session date and time if necessary, provided we have been given more than 3 business days’ notice of your change in plans.  An Animal Stars photography session can include one pet in the shoot, additional pets cost $50 per animal.

When you book we will also want to know a little more about you and your pet. This will help us prepare for your photography shoot. What type of pet do you have? Do they respond to treats or squeak toys? Do they have expressions that you adore? What are their particular personality quirks/traits?


Grooming – Dogs

Although it is definitely not essential, our clients often want to give their pets (dogs in particular) a bath and/or groom before their photo shoot. Great – go for it! But, for long-haired dogs in particular, we recommend that you don’t do this on the day of the photo shoot.


Your Dogs Energy Levels

If your dog is very active, with high energy levels, you might want to consider taking them for a walk prior to their photography session. We don’t want you to totally tire them out of course, as we want some of this playfulness to shine through in their shoot, but just enough to allow us time to capture some of their more restful moments at the end of your session.


Toys and Treats

You’re welcome to bring your pet’s favourite toys, particularly if you would like to include these in some of the photos. Of course, we have our own in the studio as well! We also use 100% natural, healthy treats during the session. Please advise us if your pet has any particular food allergies.


Style and Personality

At this point, it’s a good idea to start thinking about the style of images and personality ‘quirks’ you would love like us to capture during your photography session. Would you like to be included in some of the photos? From our photo gallery are there particular photos/styles that you are drawn to and want us to capture in your session? Do you want colorful or black and white images?  Artistic and contemporary? Playful? Active? Elegant and majestic?  The way your pet smiles or tilts its head? A particular expression they always give you? Where are you thinking of displaying your images? What rooms and wall spaces are available? What type of product(s) are you interested in?


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