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How much is your session?

Our sessions start at $350 depending on which package you choose. Please contact our studio for more detail.


How long does a session last?

Most sessions last about 60-90 minutes, but there’s no set time limit. We will play and shoot (and bribe!) for as long as we need to, until we know that we have a great variety of images for you. We never rush you. We take plenty of breaks for water, snuggling, playing and sniffing.


What’s included in the session fee?

The session fee includes our time both during the session and in the digital darkroom after your session. Careful attention and detail is paid to each and every one of your images so that you’ll have only the best images to choose from. The session fee also includes 30 miles of our travel time if the shoot were to take place in your home or a nearby location. It also includes a private online viewing gallery and slideshow. Prints and products/CD of images are NOT included in the session fee.


How does you sitting fee/retainer work?

Because we need to schedule our appointments ahead of time to keep our pets safe and happy, we require a $150 deposit/retainer be paid in advance.  We are happy to help you reschedule your photo shoot  to a more convenient time, in the event that you can't make it to the date we have set.


When do I get to see my pictures?

If you are willing to wait a bit you can often see them the same day. It takes about an hour to process images. That is just enough time to take a walk or have some lunch. We can recommend 5 or 6 pet freindly restaurants within two blocks.


How long do I have to choose my pictures after the session?

After about an hour immediately after the shoot,  your photos will be ready for review. We can either meet at our studio to look over the images, or you also have the option to review the images online. From that time, you’ll have two weeks to make your decisions and we will be available to help you as much as you need.


How long before my prints are ready to take home?

Prints are ready usually two days after your selection. You can arrange to pick up the photographs at our studio, or we can deliver it if you are within the Bay Area.


What happens if it rains or I need to cancel or postpone for other reasons?

We ask for a $150 deposit fee to officially reserve your date. If weather becomes an issue, We’ll touch base with you 24-48 hours before to talk about rescheduling, and your deposit will be re-applied to a new date.


Do you photograph pets besides cats and dogs?

Besides dogs and cats, we also photograph horses, reptiles, birds, and bunnies. Please call us to discuss your special needs.


Can I be in some of the pictures with my pet?

Sure! You are more than welcome to hop in a few of the photos with your pet, and we may even spontaneously take a few of you together if we see the perfect moment.


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